Edital Ampliado - Março 2024

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Innovation Center on Artificial Intelligence for Health

The focus of the Innovation Center on Artificial Intelligence for Health (CIIA-Health) project is to advance the research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and solutions to assist doctors and health professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and health managers in the organization of preventive health care actions to optimize the use of resources and improve the health of the population in Brazil. It is a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research center, integrating the areas of computer science, physics, electrical and electronic engineering with health and wellness areas, such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing and biochemistry and immunology.

The organizational arrangement for the center includes the private sector, with companies in the area of ​​health, technology and education, which in addition to financing part of the project, bring relevant problems, data and technological knowledge. The companies are Unimed-BH, Kunumi, Intel and Facens. The institutional arrangement of the Center will allow the group of researchers to advance the frontier of knowledge in the field of AI, as well as in health care techniques and procedures, supported by the innovative use of AI. This is evident in the Research Plan by the quality and scientific excellence of researchers in both AI and health care.

The center includes 95 researchers with CNPq productivity grants, 19 of which are top researchers in the Brazilian ranking.